Hello, and welcome !

Hello, and welcome to my first ever blog post. How is everyone doing today ? I’ve been of school for two days due to illness, But I hope your all okay. While I’ve been ill I’ve really been into a game called The Sims 4. Which is actually the best game ever ! It’s like your own little world all on your computer, you create your own people, they have as much money as they want, and they’re all happy, like, 100% of the time.

If only actually life was like that, if everyone had lots of money and we were all happy all the time. It would be such a perfect world. No terrorism, no fighting and no war. Never mind everything else that is going on.

Don’t you ever just take a moment to think about these things, about what the world could be like if we were all perfect, wouldn’t it just be amazing ! However, we all know that isn’t going to happen. But that is basically my day, play The Sims 4 and thing about the world.

Sorry this blog post is so short, but I just thought i’d put something up while I do all of the finishing touches and make sure everything is perfect, so thankyou for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

Love you all !



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